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5 benefits of learning bike maintenance

Love cycling but worried about being stuck somewhere with a puncture? Why not try a bike maintenance workshop?

Although we cycle regularly and understand the basics, we jumped at the chance when we heard there was a women's bike maintenance workshop being held at a local bike shop Brotherton Cycles.

Here's 5 reasons why we'd recommend it to everyone:

1. It's normally FREE - just check with your local bike shop as many hold regular workshops.

2. It will save you money – we learnt easy tips on how to clean and maintain our bikes to help reduce wear and tear.

3. It allows you to practice skills and learn from each other in a safe environment e.g. how to check your brakes or mend a puncture.

4. It has improved our confidence on how to fix repairs. We were practicing on our own bikes so you get to know your bike better also.

5. The workshop we went on was relaxing, informal and fun - and it was great to meet like-minded cyclists in the area.

We found that just a couple of hours and handy tips made a big difference - we used to spend 45 minutes changing a tyre, now we can change it in well under 10 minutes!

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