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10 easy tips for enjoying your cycle to work

Cycling to work is a great way to ride more because you can fit it into your existing routine rather than make time for it, plus reap financial, health and well being benefits.

From personal experience, here’s what we learnt by cycling 12 miles to work door to door across London:

1/ Be Seen – give driver’s every opportunity to see you by wearing visible clothing, carrying lights in the dark and giving clear signalling. CARNEY Reflective Sleeves are a great way to keep you seen AND looking epic. Receive 25% discount and FREE delivery HERE.

2/ Assume the driver hasn’t seen you – especially at junctions and traffic lights.

3/ Build it up slowly – and don’t expect too much of yourself. We would recommend starting off trying to cycle to work once a week and build up to see how you feel and how the commute goes. Remember to enjoy the ride.

4/ Check out what facilities there are at work – including showers, dry rooms and where to store your change of clothes. This may help you carry less to and from work which will help you save time in the morning.

5/ Leave plenty of time to get there – leave time for traffic hold ups, mechanicals and time to have a shower when you arrive.

6/ See if there’s a ride buddy scheme – lots of workplaces have schemes to buddy up with colleagues coming from the same location as you, where you can share tips or best routes for cycling to work, or even cycle to and from work together.

7/ Prepare the night before – do your lights work, is your bike in good working order and have you packed the right change of clothes?

8/ Try out different routes – one colleague tried a slightly different way to work every day to keep things interesting.

9/ Plan for the weather – take a rain jacket in your carry bag in case.

10/ Enjoy the ride. Lots of people start commuting with good intentions, then get rained on or have a puncture and then stop. We’d recommend to start slowly, plan and take your time to get the best out of your commute.

Do you cycle to work and have any tips? Please share below.

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